Children’s kindergarten in Alberta, Canada, set to open soon

Kindergarten classrooms in Canada’s two largest cities will be ready in just a few weeks.

The province’s new kindergarten curriculum will include sight words and word searches.

The goal is to get students ready for kindergarten in two weeks, said Alberta’s minister of education, education and training, and deputy minister of curriculum, John Manley.

Students will be able to play with their first words, but the curriculum will not include math, science or history.

Manley said the curriculum is designed to ensure students are ready for the real world of learning.

“There are some learning experiences that are going to be different,” he said.

He said the government hopes to have the kindergarten program up and running by the end of June.

More than a dozen cities and communities in Alberta and British Columbia are planning to start kindergarten programs by the summer.

Officials say it’s the first time kindergarten has been offered in a large, urban setting.

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario and Quebec will be the first provinces to open kindergarten in 2018.

Kindergarden is the latest phase in a three-year process for new kindergarten to be rolled out across Canada.

In June, Kindergarden was announced as the second phase of the federal government’s national curriculum plan, which aims to make the school-age population more diverse and to ensure young people have access to a broader range of curriculum.

Some provinces are also looking to the public school system to offer kindergarten.

A federal government report on kindergarten last month said the federal curriculum needs to be updated to meet the needs of children and families who may not be able or unwilling to attend public schools.

But Manley said there are ways to improve the curriculum, including more interactive learning, using computer technology and introducing technology-driven learning.

Development Is Supported By

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