Kindergarten reading passages could become ‘textbooks’: Experts | Politics

In what may be a first for a state, the state legislature will consider legislation that would allow for the reading of kindergarten reading texts.

“It would be a wonderful thing if it’s actually in the state of Wisconsin,” Rep. Tim Johnson, R-Hazel Grove, said in a telephone interview.

Johnson and others have been working on the bill for months, including for several weeks in the last legislative session.

Currently, the law states that students can’t be allowed to read or write texts that have been edited for a grade level that exceeds one.

But the bill’s authors said they would be open to allowing for the use of kindergarten texts that would be appropriate for the ages of 6 and under.

The text would also require parents to sign an affidavit certifying that the texts were read or written by the children.

The bill also would require that school districts pay for the cost of producing the text, with the bill not requiring any of the funds to go toward paying for the materials themselves.

The proposal is one of several proposed by lawmakers in recent weeks that would make it easier for students to learn to read.

Earlier this year, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., introduced a bill that would create a state-wide registry for kindergarten reading materials, a process that would require students to register for and submit a copy of the materials for use in their classrooms.

In May, lawmakers in New York and Massachusetts also introduced legislation that could require kindergarten students to be taught to read texts at least one grade level above the standard.

And in May, Gov.

Andrew Cuomo said the state would look at expanding its reading-and-writing requirement to include children of all ages.

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