Why do we keep reading so much?

The number of children in the UK who are reading to their own books has been dropping for years, according to a new report. 

The report, published on Thursday, shows the rise of books as the preferred reading activity for a third of children.

It also shows that the number of books reading has been rising over the past 10 years. 

According to the report, books are now the preferred form of reading for 1.6 million children, compared with 1.2 million who are also reading to a parent.

The rise of the “selfie book” has also made it a popular activity for children.

The number of people using the selfie-book app has nearly doubled in the past five years, while the number who are writing their own stories has also risen. 

And despite the popularity of self-published books, the report found that publishers and booksellers are struggling to keep up with demand.

It found that the proportion of children who were reading to books on their own fell to just under 60 per cent in 2015, compared to a figure of 80 per cent ten years earlier.

It said that children were spending less time reading in the classroom.

“The decline in reading has coincided with a rise in the number and quantity of books that parents buy to give to their children,” said Caroline McEwen, head of children’s literacy at the charity Childline.

She added: “We have a national education system that places the most emphasis on the importance of reading to young people, but we know that young children are just as likely as adults to skip school and read in the privacy of their own homes.””

This is particularly important in schools, where children are more likely to be disadvantaged.”

She added: “We have a national education system that places the most emphasis on the importance of reading to young people, but we know that young children are just as likely as adults to skip school and read in the privacy of their own homes.”

The report also found that more than half of all children who read to themselves or to a friend did so in the first year of school, compared on average with 30 per cent of children whose peers were reading.

“We have some of the most diverse reading environments in the world, so we need to be vigilant about ensuring that children are reading in places that are appropriate for them,” said McEwan.

“And while the majority of children are now reading in their own home, many children who do not yet have a family or community support network are still reading in bookshops or library bookshifts.”

It also found the number reading to themselves had risen from 17 per cent to 30 per the past decade, while children who wrote their own tales were spending an average of six hours a week reading to them.

“While this is a relatively small amount of time, it is a significant increase in the time spent reading, and could be seen as an indicator of a lack of support,” said the report.

It also noted that the majority (59 per cent) of parents who read their children’s books to them did so as part of a “parent-led” reading group.

“It is not uncommon for parents to share their own reading experiences, as they are confident that others can do the same for them.

But the reality is that most parents are not in a position to do so,” said Professor Louise White, professor of child literacy at University College London.”

So when parents feel the need to share, it can be difficult for children to find time to read, and can even lead to their reading being interrupted.”

Many parents are worried about having their children reading in ways that are not aligned with their own values.

“The authors of the report said they were hopeful that the UK’s reading culture would continue to be shaped by the diversity of the country.”

Despite the positive trend we see in our country’s reading numbers, it’s clear that our children are not always able to find the time and space to read in a non-threatening environment,” they said.”

That’s why we need parents to take the lead in helping their children discover new reading experiences.

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