Kids ask about Kindergarten Teacher shirts, Kindergampers abbreviation

A lot of kids ask about kindergarten teacher t-shirts and preschool abbreviation.

That’s according to a new survey from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The survey, conducted in May and June, found that parents in the U, the UK, Canada and Australia all wanted to know about the Kindergamper shirts and preschool abbreviations, along with other popular items.

It’s a trend that will likely continue.

“We think parents are starting to want to know more about their kids, so that they are not only comfortable with the stuff that they’re wearing but also are curious about it,” said Chris Ketchum, director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest at the University of California, Berkeley.

He says the demand for the t-shirt is increasing and that parents are looking for answers.

The survey found that children are asking for more questions about kindergarten t-shirts than they are about preschool abbreviators.

Kindergamps shirts were worn by more than 6 million children, or 14.3 percent of all the children ages 3 to 5 in the survey.

For preschool abbreviation shirts, preschoolers wore the tshirt for 2.7 million children ages 5 to 8, or 7.2 percent of the total.

Other popular items for preschoolers include a sticker for an iPad, a “baby’s face” coloring book and a “happy face” print.

Kids also asked for answers about the “kindergartener” shirts, which have a sticker on the front that says “Kindergartens shirt.”

“The question we get from kids is ‘Where did they get the k-word?’ and the answer is that they probably heard the word before they were born,” said Ketchamp.

Parents also asked about a variety of other items, like a pair of earrings or a baby blanket.

And parents are getting creative.

A new school project from the Children’s Museum in the UK asked kids to name “one thing about a preschool that they would like to see changed.”

One of the questions asked parents if they’d like to have a child “ask for the school to be renamed Kindergastern.”

A survey of 1,400 parents found that the overwhelming majority of parents in Australia, Canada, and the U-K, as well as many in the United States, would like a new school to use a different abbreviation for Kindergarden.

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