How to get into the national kindergarten for the right price

In the days before the election, many students at New Jersey’s public schools were being asked to fill out paperwork to get a spot in a special kindergarten for kids who can’t read or write.

But when New Jerseyans voted for Donald Trump last week, they turned to one of the most well-known kindergartens in the country, The Gittleson Kindergarten in Jersey City.

The school has been the home of a famous children’s television show for decades, but last week it was the target of a political boycott by the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).

Now, some parents are calling for an investigation into the school and its president, Dr. David Gittsley, and for the school to be shut down.

The parents of the kids, who cannot read or understand basic English, were outraged.

And they say it is time for a national inquiry into what they say is an unacceptable level of funding at a school that teaches children of color, immigrants and disabled students.

“The Gittonsons is not a good example of the kinds of schools the government should be funding,” said Kristi Miller, the executive director of the National Education Association (NEA), which is calling for the investigation.

“I want to be clear, it is not the taxpayers’ money that’s being spent here.

It is the Gittelsons money that is being spent.”

The parents have been organizing a petition drive on and are asking for the money to be spent on schools, like The Gitty Kids Kindergarden in Jersey, that teach kids of color.

“There is absolutely no justification for a government-run preschool that has been accused of teaching poor children that are not academically capable to read and write,” said Gitt’s attorney, John R. DeMello, in a statement to Breitbart News.

“We are disappointed that our children will be left behind in a public preschool, but we will not rest until The Gigglesons is shut down and taxpayers’ dollars are used to pay for education that is not being delivered by the Giggelsons.”

The Gugglesons website says that the Gattlesons “is the only preschool in the New Jersey community that is fully integrated with the local community, and it is an institution that is committed to creating a safe, nurturing and nurturing learning environment for students from all backgrounds.”

The website also says that “The New Jersey Giggly School is a private, non-profit organization.

It has been operating for over 70 years and has never received government funds.

The Gattysons is a unique institution that provides children of all backgrounds and abilities with the educational tools and support they need to succeed.

This is not about money, but about our children’s future.”

According to the GittyKids website, the school “provides opportunities for students of all ages to connect with their peers, participate in activities and participate in learning with the goal of developing lifelong learning.

The educational program also offers children of the Giglets a chance to interact and learn with peers in the community and with teachers, parents and community leaders.”

The school’s website says it offers “safe, nurturing, and nurturing experiences for children with disabilities.”

In a press release on Tuesday, The New Jersey Federation of Community Organizations (NJFCO) said it “strongly opposes” any “anti-LGBTQ or anti-immigrant agenda” at The Gittle Kids.

“Gittsons is the only New Jersey preschool that does not serve students with disabilities,” NJFCO said.

“NJFCOs opposition is about the fact that the school is not accepting children with learning disabilities, students who are LGBT, students with special needs, students of color or students who have disabilities.

These are not the kinds to be a kindergarten.

This school has a long history of being a safe place for children to come together with others of their own culture and to share in a common experience.”

According the NJFCOs press release, The Children’s Learning Center at The Childrens Kindergolf Center is also open to all children with developmental disabilities, and is a non-discrimination center for students who may be excluded by their schools.

“This type of discriminatory policy is unacceptable to our students and families and is not consistent with the values of the New Brunswick community,” NJFOCO said in a press statement.

“Parents and guardians are being told that the New Gigglys are not accepting of children with special education needs, LGBT youth, and students of colour.

This type of policy is not acceptable to New Brunswick.”

Gitt is also a trustee for the Jersey City School District.

NJFCo said that the schools own charter school is located in JerseyCity, and that the charter school has recently adopted a new policy that makes it a safe space for all children.

“Our charter school district has a policy that is based on the belief that all children have equal opportunity,” NJFBOCO Executive Director

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