Which art projects are worth it?

The art of painting and drawing are the most popular hobbies for children, but it turns out they’re also the most expensive.

The cost of painting is now estimated at $300,000, according to the Art Institute of Chicago.

That’s more than double the cost of drawing a painting.

The most expensive painting in the world, by far, is a painting by Josef Albers, whose masterpieces include “The Castle,” a medieval castle built in a cave in the Czech Republic, and “The Sable,” a castle in England that was decorated with sables.

Albers sold his work for $3 million.

The highest-paid painting artist is the famed Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, who paid more than $4 million in the 1990s.

The top 10 most expensive paintings are all by famous artists: Albers’s “The Spaghetti Western,” by Picasso; “A Man for All Seasons,” by Van Gogh; “The Mona Lisa,” by Titian; and “Nude,” by Cezanne.

The 10 least expensive paintings: The “Happiness Tree” by Picassos, by Titien; “Dogs and Cats,” by Edvard Munch; and the “Mona Lisa,” in the style of the “Nudes” by Cézanne.

The priciest painting: “The Garden,” by Vermeer, by Van der Beek.

The least expensive painting: the “Hair and Nails,” by Rembrandt.

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