Elementary students learn to say ‘hello’ to the alphabet, with the help of kindergartners

Elementary students in Massachusetts learned a lesson this morning in a preschool lesson on the basics of English grammar.

The lesson included a question that asked, “How old are you?”

The answer to the question is a simple yes or no: kindergartner, 6-year-old.

The kindergartener was named after a kindergarten teacher who died in 2008.

The children were reading aloud the word “hello” and the kindergarters were asked to say the word again to the teacher.

“She taught us a lot about what it means to be a child,” said the kindergarten teacher, who was not identified.

“It’s very important.

It’s a part of our everyday lives.”

The teacher’s daughter was one of the children in the class, who were about six years old.

“When we were talking to her about her name, I was really happy, because I knew she would say it,” the teacher said.

The teacher said she wanted to teach her daughter how to say “hello.”

She also wanted to remind her that children learn the language they’re taught.

“I think that’s the best way,” the kindergarten teacher said, laughing.

“Because it’s so important.”

The kindergarten teacher has been teaching English in the Boston area since 2007.

She is the founder and head teacher of the English-language learning center at the Boston Public School, which is located at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue South in the Roxbury neighborhood of Roxbury.

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