‘This is just what the school does’: school teacher’s plea to parents

Posted July 02, 2018 11:25:40The principal of a kindergarten in Sydney’s north has said parents need to remember what they were taught in kindergarten and ask for the school to explain why it is so bad.

Key points:School teacher is being praised for posting a video on Facebook explaining why it was a bad idea to start kindergarten at the Kippa Heights Primary School (KHP) in the inner-westTeacher says the video is not a threat to the school’s future”It was just to remind the kids that they were being taught the wrong way,” said KHP principal Lisa Azzopardi.

“We have some really strong teachers and some really smart people who are going to teach our kids right, not wrong, and we have got to be honest and not be afraid to say it.”

If you can’t see the positives, it’s not the positive things that are there.

“Azzopardis school is run by the KHP for about three years.KHP principal Ms Azzatteris says the school is being run as a “parent-led” model with a lot of parental input, and she wants to ensure that it continues to be a positive place for students and their families.”

The teachers are our first line of defence and our first priority,” she said.”

I’m really proud of them and the way they run it.””

If there is a situation that the kids are in that they feel is inappropriate, I can’t fault the parents, they have a right to know.

“The video, titled ‘This Is Just What the School Does’, has attracted over 1,000 views since it was posted on Facebook on Monday night.

In it, teacher Katie Sargeant says that she had been teaching her children math for about four years at the school and had been planning on teaching them how to use computers in the future.”

They are getting into the first years of college and I am trying to start a family,” Ms Sargeants video begins.”

It’s about the best time of my life.

It’s the happiest time of your life.

“So, we are not only getting into a school with good teachers, but we are getting an opportunity to grow up and be happy.”KHP has a school-based model with more than 100 teachers and staff, which Ms Sargant says she is happy to have and that is why she posted the video.

“That’s why I’m doing it,” Ms Azzi said.

“It’s not just me, it is everyone who is in the school.”

“We are going for the kids to come in here, to see how the teacher teaches them, and to understand how it’s done,” she continued.

“And if they have questions, we can give them a way to find out.”

This is a video that the parents can’t hide from.

“Ms Sargeans school is a “community-based” model that has a “zero tolerance” policy on bullying and harassment.

The school principal says the KSP will not be changing the curriculum, and Ms Azzo told the ABC the school had been working on a new set of programs that will address bullying in the next few months.”

There is a lot we can do in terms of making sure the kids come to school happy, confident and with confidence,” Ms Kastel said.

The KHP is located in a quiet residential area and its principal says there is no “crowding” to the place.”

My goal is to make sure that the students feel welcome in this classroom,” Ms Nee said.

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