How to play a Kindergarten Game with no math


— If you’re a little bored of reading through a list of math problems and wondering why it takes so long, the first step in building your own math puzzle may be to download a free app.

There are some basic math tools out there for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, but if you need to work your way through the basic problem sets, there’s a free KINDERGARTEN game.

And there’s something for everyone.

The app’s goal is simple: Get your kids to read and do math by giving them free digital puzzles.

Here’s how to use the free Kindergarten app to get started.


Open the app Tap on the bottom left corner of the screen.

This will bring up a menu of options.

Tap on “New Puzzles” in the list.

Tap “Kindergarts” in that list.

The top part of the page will give you a list that lists the puzzles.

Tap one to begin.


Enter your child’s name, age, and the name of the math problem they want to work on.

Tap the number in the bottom right corner.

Tap Add.

Enter the name, time period, and type of problem you want to do.

For example, if you’re looking for a “Calculator” puzzle, you could type in “Calculation 1,” “Calculus,” or “Calc.”

Enter the correct answer.

You can change the time period and type in a different question.

If your child is older than 4 years old, they can’t complete the puzzle.

Enter a “Dummy” for the answer.


Enter their number of seconds to complete the math puzzle.

Tap Done.


Now it’s time to create your own KINDERS puzzle.

Create the puzzle and click the “Create New Puzzle” button.

Tap a number in between the dots and then choose a name for your puzzle.

For Example, if your child wants to write an essay, you can name their essay “Mama.”

Tap OK.

Your child will be prompted to name their answer and then they’ll see a “Write Answer” screen.

Tap Yes to accept.


Enter another number and tap the “OK” button to finish.

If they can do the math, they should be good to go.

Otherwise, tap OK to close the screen and start over.

Follow these tips and you’ll be ready to start.

What do I need to do?

The app requires a minimum of four students, ages 5 to 12.

The free app only works on the iPhone and iPad, so you’ll need an iPhone 6 or older to get it to work.

To start, tap the search bar in the top right corner of your screen and tap “Apps.”

Select the KINDers app, then tap the blue “Add New Puzzle.”

The app will then prompt you to enter your child.

The kids will be asked to name a number, a period, a word, or a symbol.

To enter an answer, tap on it, then press Enter.

The “Create Answer” page will appear.

Tap OK to confirm.

Next, tap “Add Puzzle,” then tap “Calculated” in one of the lists you’ve selected.

Enter numbers in the appropriate ranges and then tap OK.

You can add a dummy for a answer.

If you don’t have enough students, you’ll get a message that you have more than enough.

The KINDerk puzzles are free and they are designed to help kids focus on the problem.

Each puzzle is written in a word or number format, but the words or symbols can be changed.

They range from simple math problems to more advanced math problems.

This puzzle is available for free on the App Store.

If you have questions about the app, you should contact the app’s creator, Kristin K. Smith, at [email protected]

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